Burn Ointment

I started making Burn Ointment to sell because I wanted to be prepared the next time I burnt myself. In the past, I just made it as I burnt myself, mixing my green herbal salve with more honey and Vitamin E oil.

It is so nice to have it on hand in our first aid kits. Lot #1 was made with some honey that has crystallized, so it may be a bit crunchier, but still works well. Lot #2 I learned to stir it, cool it down, and repeat. It is so creamy.

Honey has good enzymes, and helps the body heal. It is also a great preservative, so this Salve lasts a long time.

Vitamin E oil helps repair the skin.

And, green herbal salve, which I call Mama's Herbal Salvation, is just magical.